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icandy pear converting

Hi, iv just bought the icandy pear second hand, don't really know to much about the accessories you can get, but any how.. I was wondering if anyone knew what I needed to make it in to a double. At the moment its just a single. 4 wheels, smaller chair Any help is appreciated image Lucy x


  • You can buy a converter kit to change the single apple to a double pear. Converter kit is about ??300, its a frame, two smaller seats and big double wheels. Can then get carrycot converter fabric to make one of seats a carrycot. Mine arrived yesterday as had the apple for my son x
  • Do you know if they work on the pear aswel tho?x
  • The apple and pear are same thing. The apple is the frame as a single buggy, the pear is the apple frame but as a double x
  • Oh I see, haha ok, thanks a lot.. I bought it second hand and was told it was a pear :-/ x
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