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Will people judge me for buying own brand?

Hi everyone,

Beth and bump here and I'm a first time poster on BabyExpert so go gentle with me! I'm 22 (young but it was planned) and DP (soon to be DH!!) is 24 and my EDD is 26-Sept (same as my nana!) 

We've got everything ready (i think) but am starting to worry about what everyday things I'll need and if its ok to buy own brand stuff or should i stick to pampers etc. I'm scared people will look at me, young with by baby and buying Asda own and assume my baby girl was an accident. (DP says i'm way overthinking!) 

But do you guys buy own brand stuff or do you think it's better to buy branded things because it's better for the LOs? Or do you think I should go for organic/natural products? What kind of things do you buy when getting everyday stuff: nappies, baby shampoo, baby food (when there older obviously!)?

What brands of stuff do you reccommend?

Lots of love to everyone! 

Beth xxx

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