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Is it ok to buy own brand?

Hi everyone,

I'm 22 and a first time poster (so be nice! haha), DDE - 26th Sept, young but planned as been with the DP (soon to be DH!) 8 years! I think we've got everything ready for straiught after the birth but I'm starting to worry about what kind of things I'll need everyday and if it's okay to buy own brand stuff? image I'm worried people will see me with my baby and judge me if I'm young and don't buy branded stuff - DP says i'm overthinking it!

Just want to know what kind of stuff you buy when you buy everyday stuff for your LO? Is it ok to buy cheap stuff like tescos own or should i stick to brands? Or should i buy organic/natural things! arghh so many questions! Basically is it ok to buy stuff based on price or should i stick to brands. What brands do you reccommend? what things should i focus on? 

I want to get the best for my baby but if i can save money then i kinda want to do that too :S

Love Belle-Oh


  • It is a case of personal choice although as you can see from speaking with so many people that we normally get sucked in by the marketing campaigns of so many brands not realising that we become more savvy buyers and go for deals whether in the discount stores or online. interesting that you brought up this topic.

  • As stated above its a personal choice hin. Personally I buy own brand nappies from Morrisons and Tescos or if brandad ones are on offer I buy those. I buy own brand nappy sacks but branded wipes. There is nothing wrong with buying own brand items x

  • If you have the money, buy the luxury brands. But I also find a lot of the cheap own brand stuff works just as well. 

    My own advice: don't buy the cheapest. Buy the next one up. The quality will be much higher.

  • Definitely personal choice. With nappies I never liked pampers (smell too chemically for me) but did buy lots of huggies when they stopped selling them in this country so they were hugely reduced. I tend to buy shops own brand but not the value brands, same with wipes. More expensive doesn't always mean better!! If people comment on it then it's their deal not yours.

    I also hardly ever buy new clothes for my children choosing freecycle or free or cheap second hand clothes on facebook. No one would ever know that I haven't bought new. Same goes for lots of toys as well. But having said that I never buy branded stuff for myself either! Saves you a lot of money

  • I have tried numerous nappies and found the tesco loves baby are great, also use asda little angels wipes. Asda or tesco snacks ie rice cakes and crisp things. Buy what you can afford. Look out for deals like baby events. I tend to compare the prices of 2 shops (asda, tesco) and wherever ita cheaper I go there like for snacks, wipes and jars (yes I said it before I get jumped on I also feed home made and finger foods) shop around for clothes too the tesco own range of basic plain body suits etc are great they're only gona get puked or pooped on anyways Lol. Good luck with baba and go with the flow. X

  • Hello, 

    i agree with everyone else. It's personally choice. I tried a few different brands with my lo but he leaked in all of them so for that reason I returned to pampers, I also joined Amazon and bulk buy all my nappies and wet wipes along with some household bits and pieces. So I pay about 24 pounds for 198 nappies and 12 packs of 64 wipes which I think is pretty good value. when I was only supermarket shopping I used to get pampers on deals as the jumbo boxes would often come up on a deal so it used to work out about 7 pounds for a jumbo box which holds 74. Clothes I have always brought new, but again that is personal choice.

    hope that helps 

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