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Anyone given that a thought yet? We have our bugaboo bee plus from our first that I am planning on sprucing up! Also have a mamas and papas sola that we used for the first 6 mths as it has a gorgeous proper carrycot - will be fab in the cold!! 


Hope everyone is ok, I really can't wait for my scan now, no date yet though image 


  • I've been looking at petite star travel system, really good price, has anyone tried these?

  • We still have our sola and the carrycot, we need to replace the wheels though and the shopping basket needs some attention, but should be fine still, no plans really to replace it

  • In my opinion you can't beat the Uppa Baby Vista I've had mine 3 years now and I've not had a single issue with it. A friend also has the Uppa Baby and she pointed out the basket is big enought to carry a crate of wine!!!

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