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Kids Room Decor

Dear All!

I'm happy being the mom of 2 lovely kids, a 5-year-old prince and a 2-year-old princess. :) We've just moved into our new home, and we'd like to create 2 wonderful rooms for them.

With my husband we'd like to decorate the walls, but now i'm kind of uncertain what method we should use.

The first way  is to paint them, of course. Surely, it'd be nice but we put this option aside, anyway. On one hand we have a kick against chemicals, on the other hand after you paint the walls there is no way back unless you paint them again... :)

Then you can see these cure wall decals and murals, but somehow we do not like these too much either, mainly because their material. We were looking for softer nicer textile-based graphics, but we found such nowhere.

Has anyone else faced to this problem yet? Could you perhaps mention some tips, hints, ideas or products, companies who sells reliable good-quality things? We'd definitely like to put on something special so that the kids wouldn't miss their old rooms so much... :)

Thank you in advance!


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