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Good bunk bed for child?

I am a young father and I am new here. I would like to ask you for help,.I am searching new bed for my child. He is 4 years old. Please, do you have any experiences with some kind of bunk beds? Is it good for so young child?


  • Hi Peter! I am actually looking into buying a mid sleeper type of bunk bed for my little girls, my eldest is 4 at the moment but I am waiting until she is 5 (and sister is 3) as i still feel 4 is a bit too young. I have looked at a lot of bunk beds but find they are too high, and would not feel confident with her sleeping in the top bunk (i was 8 and my sister 4 when we first got a proper bunk bed). Especially if she needs to go to the toilet in the night or her little sister tries to get up there! I have found a reasonable mid sleeper from Ikea, that a couple of my friends already have for their LOs, that is a good height and allows me to put my youngest daughters toddler bed underneath and a tent like canopy on the top bunk that creates extra piece of mind my eldest wont fall out but is also fun for her! I have already talked to my girls to let them know that there will be certain rules (i.e not playing in the top bunk) to follow when we get the bed too. i will always be worrying a bit though! x

  • Thank you very much for your answer! it looks like, that we have the same problem, we are both worried about our children! I am worried about the high bunk beds, too. Little Clark is very lively child. Yesterday i met with my friends and we were talking about this. They told me about the Caster Design ltd. - it's a company, which makes a bespoke furniture. Now I am looking at their websites, their bunk beds look pretty good, but it is quite expensive. Do you know this company? they have also medium-high bunk beds, but not in "children section". But I am thinking about it, maybe, i will try to contact them and I'll try to talk about the price! If you will be interested in, I can write you the result of the callimage 

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