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Pregnacare - any side effects???

Hi all 

I really need help! 

I've nearly 7 weeks pregnant and I am currently taking pregnacare - I feel so rough, to the point I have what I think has been a cold - which has caused me to loose all sense of smell and i have 0 taste! I hate it! It's only been like this since taking these tablets! I have tried to research but can't find anything that helps! Does anyone know if pregnacare have any side effects? 

Thankyou so much in advance xx


  • Personally I didn't have any problems taking pregnacare. The beginning of my 2nd pregnancy I felt really rough & I know it wasn't linked to the tablets as I'd been taking the tablets for 6 months before because of the folic acid. Hope you feel better soon x

  • Hi, I just wanted to add my experience of taking Pregnacare and the side effects I've experienced, in case it helps anyone.

    I took Pregnacare (the ones for trying to conceive) for 4 weeks and had the following side effects: Greasy hair, dry skin, which then turned into a bad rash on my stomach and chest/neck, and finally purple bruising appearing on my legs. It was the bruising that made me book an appt with the doctor as I couldn't explain it - until I finally put two and two together and realised that all of these symptoms could be dated back to when I first started taking Pregnacare. I immediately stopped. Within 24 hours my rash had disappeared and the bruising is now changing from purple to yellow (fading). I'm just taking folic acid on its own now instead.

    So if anyone has these symptoms and is taking Pregnacare, that may well be the culprit. No idea why my body had such an adverse reaction to it!

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