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BreastFeeding - Freaking out, what do I buy?

hi ladies,

I'm searching for a good brand to aid with my breastfeeding ive had so many recommended that my head is just spinning! I quite like the look of nuby uk and they run some lovely comps on fb  does anyone have any other recommendations? i was looking at an avent set yesterday but its soooo expensive!


  • Hi

    I went with tommy tippiee although I didn't actually manage to use any bottles until my son was about 9 mths old. He would just not take to a bottle, but then I didn't really push him to. He now has milk from those bottles plus avent and drinks water from a range of cups. I think all the top brands are pretty good and will all do what you want.

    Hope that helps

  • I can recommend Avent and Nuby, just about to have baby six, so have tried nearly all the brands! but I am definitely happy with those two, plus Nuby are running a promotion at the moment of their FB site, submit a scan photo and they will send you a breast pump. Regarding cost you can pick up quite a good bargain on ebay, so long as you sterilise it all first there really isn't any difference. I would suggest getting some breast pads, I have found the best ones to be the Avent washable ones, that come with a handy bag to put them in the wash.

    Hope it helps and good luck

    Mandi x
    CM Great Yarmouth & Waveney
    mum to five and big bump
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