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Best place for Muslins?

I've been looking online but I think its a case of too much choice! Can anyone recommend a good place to get Muslins? Preferably cheap but not nasty! ta x


  • The nicest one I have is the mamas and papas but I also got some nice ones from tk maxx and sainsburys. I also have some Primark ones which aren't as good quality wise.

  • I've had most brands, asda, aldi and mothercare I found good. I didn't BF but if your planning too, investing in a few extra large ones is good for covering up whilst out and about

  • I've ordered these, no idea of the quality as they haven't arrived yet but they seemed cheap enough.

  • I've used a mix with both kids but found the aldi ones best this time round x

  • The ones I got from Sainsburys were the nicest cheap ones I found. Asda ones were nice too. I did treat myself/seth to some of the big swaddling muslins from Aden + Anais which are lovely but were pricey, even though they were on offer through zulily. Have used them for so many different things though.

  • I tended to use Sainsburys day to day which were really good (of the cheaper ones anyway). I also got some large ones from Aldi which came in handy for sun shade/light cover in the summer as well as for the usual mopping etc. I would have loved to get some of the Aden & Anais ones but budget couldn't stretch!

  • I've got some Aden & Anais ones - I love them! Justified them by buying neutral colours as we are hoping to start trying again Aug next year. I also rate marks n Spencer's.

  • I also got two of the big Aiden & Anais one (in the jungle print so they are neutral), and love them. They're the big ones and so handy.

    Our normal ones are from sainsburys and mothercare mainly. We seem to get through a lot, but they're useful for so much. I think even when S is grown up I'll still have muslins and wet wipes in my bag!

  • Rodster! I remember the same search before I had A. Husband talked me into a pack from M & S which I thought were pricey for what they were. I also have a couple of cheap packs from Aldi. The M & S ones were worth every penny. A is one on Friday and they are still lovely and like new. Have been washed a gazillion times. Highly recommended xx

  • I had a pack of yellow and green ones from Boots and some patterned ones from Amazon which were some kind of brand but can't remember what! I was keen on getting coloured ones because a couple of family members were having babies really close to me and I was keen not to mix them up. I ended up dying a few plain white ones with Dylon machine dye too.

  • Mine are from sainsburys too

  • Thanks everyone, seems sainsburys are a good shout, will chuck a few packs in the trolley next time I'm there. Thanks!

  • I've got a whole range of muslins from Sainburys, Boots, Mothercare and some fancier ones I bought online somewhere and they are all of the same quality. This time I picked some up in Ikea as they are bigger than the standard size but not as big as the Aiden and Anais ones as I'm too tight to buy them!

  • The nicest ones we've got are from m&s and also have patterns on. We also have some patterned ones from Aldi which seem to be washing up well.

  • I have some from Asda that are really good and do the job and Aldi's weren't too bad either.

  • We got most of ours from babies r us. They did big packs for quite cheap and they did us well :)

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