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Breast Pumps

Ladies, what breast pumps do you all recommend? I'm planning to mix breast feed and express, I don't think I'll express enough to warrant one of the electric pumps, so of the manual pumps, which can you recommend? 



  • I used the tommee tippee breast pump. Got on with it fine once I had got the hang of it. But I'm thinking I might invest in an electric this time. The Madela are supposed to be very good. I think they do I manual one but they are quite pricey.

  • Yeah, my worry with getting an expensive one is that for whatever reason I might not continue with BF, if all goes well I could always upgrade but I guess I just want a good, cheap one (if that exists!) until I know how it's all going. Everything is so confusing!

  • I got a TT one at an Asda event, I think it was £10. Worked perfectly fine for me. As you say you can always upgrade post baby depending on how feeding goes. I've seen unused electric pumps pop up for sale on Facebook groups every now and then.

  • Thanks ladies, I've order a TT one from Boots, £12.99 including breast pads and some other bits - at that price I won't mind if I have to get rid of it for a better one.

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