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I have a maxi cosi backward facing car seat. G has only turned 7 months yesterday but I noticed today her head is about an inch from the top of the seat (she's inherited the family's giant genes). Am I right in thinking when her head touches the top, this is the trigger to move to a new seat?

If so what Group1 seats do you recommend? Are there any back facing ones?




  • Yes, once she's in line with the top its time to change.  There are a few extended rear facing seats available, they are more expensive though.  We've got the Britax MAX-FIX II which was £280, it will last until age 4 though, and its isofix.  I think there are some cheaper ones, that are seat belt fixed.  A few people I know have the Joie Stages one which is £150 (currently on offer in Mothercare for £130).  But rear-facing is safer so definitely worth the extra in my view.

  • We went for extended rear facing too once S's head was in line with the top of the seat. It's the britax dual fix which is isofix and swivels to make it easier to put in and out. Ideally he will be rf in it til 15 months if not longer then it swivels to be ff. It was £260 on offer in the kiddicare closing down sale which was pricy but will hopefully last til he's 4.

  • We have extended rear facing. We went for maxi cosi pearl2way. We got it at john lewis. You're definitely right in starting to look into it now as it can take a while to decide! Securatot and rear facing toddlers are great website resources for rear facing.
  • We also went through Securatot (we were able to visit them as we live locally) and opted for the Maxi Cosi 2Way Pearl. Pricey but I wanted the peace of mind of ERF and it's a brill seat, especially for our tall toddler :-)

  • We have found a rear facing group 1 for £130 in Mothercare, the Joie it is called. 

    Edited to add, just saw that Porkchop has recommended this one already. We definitely wanted to keep him rear facing as long as possible but the cost was a big factor for us, we were amazed to find this one so cheap. We don't have Isofix. 

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