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Cosy toes


Baby is due in late Feb/early March and the pram that we have doesn't come with a cosytoes, so we'd have to buy it separately.

This is the pram:

I don't really mind buying the cosy toes, but it's £30 and has their logo in big letters down the front so don't really like it!

Could I get away with just using blankets as it'll be early spring? Or would you recommend anything else? Or do I have to get the specific one for the pram/buggy?


  • Have you had a look at more universal cosy toes? We bought a mothercare one to go with the pram we had for W.

  • I know this is a dumb question, but do they definitely fit all prams? I did have a look on Mothercare, but then wasn't sure if I definitely needed one or not (clueless!)

  • They probably don't fit as well as one specifically designed for your pram, but I'd say they would fit. You could always take your pram to the shop and ask to try one to see how it fits?

  • I think when using pram in carrycot mode, a cosy toes wouldn't really be necessary and blankets would be fine as baby will be small and not wriggling or kicking blankets off as much. I've only used them when using the buggy part but then my 2 are summer babies. I had a universal one from John Lewis and it fitted 3 different prams.

  • Does it have an apron or anything and do you have the bassinet? If not and it's just open you may need a cosy toes but you'll be heading to spring when babies due so may get away with a snowsuit and blankets?

  • It doesn't come with a cover, but it's a pramette. You can buy the deep bassinet but I don't think it'll be worth it. The pramette will keep the wind off I think :)

  • I think you could get away with a good quality blanket and snow suit you know.

  • S was born in early April and it was such a nice spring (down south at least!), it's only been in the last couple of weeks I've considered a footmuff. Same with most of my NCT friends. In the carry cot there wasn't a need for one, and in her car seat on the pram it was easy to keep her snug with blankets, and easy to pull on/off when going in and out of shops etc.

    Now I do need one icandy don't make the matching one for my pram anymore and I'm so annoyed...but that's a different story!

  • Ok, so I'll use blankets etc to start with and then I can get a universal one about this time next year for when he/she's bigger. Fab. And I could even get a non-neutral one then!

    Are there any matching ones on eBay Flossy?

  • Yep, last time I looked there were two in the colour and they were both over £150 each! It's crazy! The shallow side of me is a bit annoyed we spent a lot on the pram and now we have a universal footmuff that doesn't match. Just wish john lewis had told us when we ordered that they wouldn't be getting anymore and we would have added one onto the order!

  • That's a crazy price!! I'd be miffed too!

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