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Does anyone have the Quinny Zapp Xtra 2?

Or know anyone who has one?

im looking to get a lighter weight second buggy and was thinking of this but was hoping to hear from someone who has one. I LOVE our Jane pram and its used every single day for out walking with the dog but it's pretty big when folded and quite heavy. Not really an issue for me as I have a fair size car boot but my mum has O during the week and it's just too heavy for her to lift and also takes up her whole boot space so would like something that is light and compact and can be used to nip to the shops and for walks just on the pavements etc

I also want a buggy that can recline and uses 'click' mechanism to do to different seating positions rather than the ones I've seen that you pull a sort of drawstring to adjust the back and ideally would like a viewing panel in the hood. Would also welcome any other suggestions?



  • I've no experience on the zapp but we have the Cybex Callisto which I think fits your criteria. It's light, folds easily, pushes nicely, has a lovely comfy padded seat for LOs, has a click handle recline which is very smooth if LO falls asleep and it has an awesome hood that can be unzipped to extend it further and completely cover LO..It has inbuilt up filter too so no need for parasols and safe in warmer months. We got it from mothercare when half price. Not cheapest going but then neither is the zapp x

  • Thanks ladies, I haven't looked at either of those so off for a Google now. JJ I was the same last time round, I literallly cannot believe there are so many makes/models and I had no idea what I wanted or needed so it was boggling!

    How are you coco? How's the boys!?xx

  • We're great thanks lovely...Arthur has finally had 3 nights where he's slept through in a row, so I feel a lot more human! He's a massive fatty so been waking for a bottle every night before that! How are you guys doing? The other perk of callisto is if you have any more you can use a cybex car seat on the frame as a travel system

    ..wish I'd known this before Arthur arrived as I blooming well hated our travel system!

    Agree with you both...I'm a crap decision maker with so many choices out there! With this stroller I literally left it to H! ;-)

  • Oh bless him, that's good he's slept through though, I remember it being amazing lol! We're good thanks, just working on O's CMPI but he's definitely doing better. I had a look at the cybex, it looks good and is half price again! I'll try and get to see it in a shop at some point this week. Still on the fence in terms of the possibility of anymore but that was also one thing that I was thinking about the Zapp as the seat can parent or forward face and it's also compatible with maxicosi car seats! (Obviously for any additional hypothetical babies!)

  • I bought Quinny Zapp Xtra2 because I needed a stroller that would fold up small in our car boot.

    Good points are that it is lightweight, very easy to manourvre, and not bad on gravel despite the small wheels. I would say despite being for , is reversible, takes a maxi cosi seat and folds in the reverse mode. Bad points are that it is a 2-hand fold and it does take a "nack" to get the folding right the first few times. The basket is quite tiny. Despite these issues, I would highly recommend this stroller, and it is great value for money. I spent 6 months researching strollers and trying out lots of models, and in the end this did everything I needed.

    Compared to "designer" high priced strollers it actually does extremely well. I would highly recommend. The best bit is that it hardly takes up any boot space, especially with the front wheel off. It's really compact. 

    if quinny could figure out how to make it a one-hand fold, then this would be a 10/10 perfect stroller. I give it 8/10 

  • Oh gosh just found out my next door neighbor is pregnant aswell and she is due in October. so we are going to have 2 new babys in a street with 8 houses in 😀😀😀. 

  • Oh no haha wrong page 🙈🙈🙈. Wasn't ment to post it in this one 🙈🙈🙈 xxx

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