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Double buggies


I know it's early and I certainly won't be buying yet for a good few months but I wondered if anyone had any recommendations on double/tandem buggies. With G I knew what I wanted long before she was born.

I can see ones that suit newborn twins, but what about a newborn and a toddler (14m) do they exist? I am tall as is all the family so ideally I want one that is height adjustable.




  • Bugaboo donkey? I candy?

  • Gone google searching these two suggestions, do you have one of these, are they any good?

  • I've got an Out n About 360 nipper double and I highly recommend it. It's easy to push and fits through my front door - it's one of the narrowest side-by-sides on the market. The kids have been happy in the bucket seats - they fall asleep far too easily in them, lol! I'm looking forward to using it again.

  • No I don't but I know people who do and rave about them.

  • I'm looking at them now but am so indecisive baby will probably be walking by the time I decide :-/

    One of the things I like about tandems like icandy or oyster max is that once your eldest is walking confidently, it can go back to being a plain single. As we will probably sell our Sola, this will be handy for us. I love the Donkey but even in single mode, it's quite wide.

    Go and have a push around john Lewis or mothercare. When I've pushed side by side doubles I've realised I'm really not keen but I don't know why!

  • Ducky has the icandy peach and Saisi has the donkey? Maybe shout out for them if you have q's about then.
  • I converted my Icandy peach to a double. Really easy to do, easy to manoeuvre but it did cost a small fortune even buying the double kit from eBay. They retain they're price which I guess is a good thing when selling on. Would defo recommend.
  • I bought a Phil and teds and hated it. It's fine when the younger one is old enough to sit up in the seat underneath, but for a newborn to lie flat the second seat has to go on top which makes it really too heavy and awful to steer.

    I then got a side by side- a baby jogger city mini double.

    I hated side by sides as they all seemed so big and cumbersome and I had visions of struggling to get round the shops etc.

    couldn't have been more wrong

    I absolutely love it. It's so easy to steer, folds really flat. Nice big hoods . Narrow enough to get through the front door. Best money I've spent. I got mine off eBay for £100 second hand including rain cover in lovely condition. And hopefully I'll get some of that back when I sell it.

    I tried a nipper 360 in a shop but didn't like having only one wheel at the front as obviously one child is a lot heavier at one side I found it tipped to the side when I lifted it up kerbs etc. plus there's only one hood so they both have to have it up or down together. My friend has a 360 and said the seats don't seem to sit very upright so her eldest was always leaning forward. But I know a lot of people on here love them.

    I'd definitely suggest getting a second hand double whatever you choose. There's so many on eBay in really good condition as if you have a toddler and baby it's not long before the toddler is too old to need it

  • This is really stressing me out! S will be 21 months when baby is here and is already a confident walker. After spending about £700 on our original travel system, plus another £100 on a lighter stroller, I really don't want to be spending iCandy kind of money on a brand new double. I hope to find something second hand.

  • Ninky, although I converted mine I probably could've got away with not bothering. There's 24 months between mine and Isla was a brilliant walker at that age. I used it mainly to contain her rather than her needing it because she wouldn't walk/was tired. Have you considered a buggy board?
  • I'm not buying a double buggy as W hates being in the one we have as it is.  I'll be looking at a buggy board for the new pram  i think.

  • I have considered a buggy board MrsB but haven't looked into it in any detail. Are they universal? Our pram/travel system is a Mamas & Papas own brand.

  • I've got a Donkey. TBH at the moment I'm mainly doing baby in sling and toddler in Maclaren, if doing something 'functional' like shopping or going on the bus. I use the Donkey if going for a walk in the park and I do love it. Easy to steer, I can have them both facing me, not actually as wide as people think. In single mode it is actually the same width as the Bugaboo Cameleon and no-one claims that's a wide pram, the Donkey just LOOKS wider but isn't. In double mode it is only 15cm wider and will still fit through standard doors, i.e. any door a wheelchair will fit through. However unfortunately not all doors are 'standard' ha!

    It's not getting used that much at the moment because of living up a flight of stairs, but when we move to a house it'll be much easier to get it out and I am sure it'll get used more.

    ETA our age gap is 19 months and A is not a confident walker if he is tired/grumpy. So we wouldn't get on with a buggy board quite yet but may do in the future.

  • You can get universal buggy boards Ninky. I think the brand that makes them is lascal. If you go on their website it lists all the models it fits x

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