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For months now I've put off really thinking too much about a double pram as I just don't really like them to look at but I need to face facts that I need one. The best double pram is the baby jogger for us but I'm considering just getting a stroller that's suitable from birth and for a toddler. For one they aren't as expensive and fold much smaller and are lighter to lift.

So can anyone recommend a stroller or really advise against not buying one and just opting for the jogger instead?



  • I would just go with the baby jogger. Its light to push and folds easily, as I'm sure you know. My worry would be that a stroller would be heavy and awkward to push. Also wouldn't be very cosy for a newborn I wouldn't have thought

  • I have the baby jogger city mini double and love it.

    It's fantastic.

    I do lots of walking as H has the car mid week for work, so walk miles up and down hills. It's really light and easy to steer .

    Negatives of a stroller is that they are not so easy to steer, especially one handed, so if you are using it for a toddler and baby and the toddler is wanting to walk, you can push easily with one hand while holding toddlers hand or reins.

    My double folds quite small, if we have a full boot for weekends away you can take all the wheels off and it goes really really flat so takes no space at all.

    Keep an eye on eBay, there's always lots for sale.

    Mine was £100 and was in absolutely immaculate condition with rain cover. Well worth every penny as I use it every day and know I can sell it on after I'm finished .

  • Another thing to think of in regards to easy of pushing and steering- you are pushing an even weight distribution as obviously the toddler weighs more than the baby, so you don't want to be doing that with an awkward to steer stroller

  • I have the Baby Joggger City Mini double (GT version) and it's brilliant! If I could get two car seats on it, it would be perfect. Unfortunately you can only put one car seat on it so we have the icandy leach blossom for the car seats. The icandy is great for shopping malls but pretty poor outside, even on decent pavements.

    We also tried the Babh Jogger city select which was like a bus! And the Bug donkey which was pretty but a faff to put up and down each time. The baby jogger city mini doesn't get fabulous reviews for nothing. It's just brilliant. So sturdy and light weight. The seat lay completely flat so my guys are fine. We use a footmuffs for extra snuggle.

    You can get carrycots but we decided against them as they weren't a necessity and we had already spent way too much on buggies!

  • Does anyone have any experience of the City Mini with an older child? I've just seen the weight recommendation is birth - 15kg which is 33lb. Haven't weighed S for a while, but I wouldn't be surprised if she's pushing the 30lb already and she's not even 18 months yet!

  • Fab thanks all. Jellytot all your points are ones I didn't consider with a basic stroller so that's made the decision to get the baby jogger easy.

    Ducky what car seat fits? Mothercare said they don't know of any that fit but had heard you could do it with adaptors but it was an after market thing? It's annoying as I have a car seat for the concord pram but I very much doubt it will fit any other brand.  The car seat going on the base is more important than a carrycot for me and I have two carrycots for the concord if needed.  Another question, would I need a newborn hugger type thing, does it come with one or is it not necessary anyway? X

  • Ninky- W is 3 next month, I have no idea how much she weighs (bad mummy!) but I would imagine it must be about 30lbs. She still fits in easily with plenty of room, she doesn't looked cramped at all and often falls asleep in it so she must be comfy.

    Tweeting Pie- I would probably recommend getting some kind of insert for a newborn since it's winter just to make it a bit cosier for them. I wouldn't bother with a carry cot though, if you just get a cocoon type thing like this-

    That would be enough as the hood pulls right over the pram to shield them a lot from the wind and cold.

  • Great thanks. Your link doesn't work but I will look on argos and see if I can see a cacoon type thing. X

  • We have padded footmuffs that like the seat and make it as padded as the carrycots in my opinion. We used Diono head huggers for a while but they aren't really necessary.

    I think they sell maxi cosi car seat adaptors but it's a while since I did my research!

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