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How much do you use your pushchair/pram/travel system?


As per the question really how much do you use your pushchair? I am looking at buying a double/tandem pushchair for when this baby arrives. I have been drawn to the Bugaboo Donkey but am actually thinking how much do I use a pushchair and the answer is not much, so is it worth forking out all that money.

I tried to think through the past few weeks and the use of our Stokke:-

2 days G was at my Mums. My Mum takes her out a lot on the bus but has her own pushchair.

We've been out for 2 meals with friends and carried her into the restaurant, so didn't use it for that.

We went Xmas shopping and did use the pushchair.

Went to see friends but carried her out to car into their house and back again, so didn't use it then either.

Swimming carried again in and out. Same for playgroup

Supermarket carried to trolley sat in that and carried back into car.

In total we've hardly used it so maybe I should go for something cheaper. Do you use it more as you they get older? It's unlikely it would b used for walks as I ave euro problems which mean this is a no go


BLL 78


  • TBH, you'd probably need one what with carting two kids about, especially if the older takes to bolting when out walking - you'll need something for containment.

  • Laughfor containment that amused me. You're right about that I already have a baby jail (travel cot/playpen thing) for G so I can answer the door without coming back to her having pulled games out of the xbox, chewed wires (her new favourite game I'm blaming teething) or having found something to fall off or smash

  • We dont use ours much now Z is older.  Its mainly used by the people who look after her in the week!  Having said that if I wasnt working I'd use it more, I used it loads on ML walking in and out of town rather than taking the car.  But like you say we now mainly carry in to places, or she wants to walk, and for the times we would use it a cheapo one would do.  I keep meaning to get one just never get round to it!

  • Loads! I live in the town centre, so I'm constantly popping out to the shops, for walks, to the park etc. She's a confident walker, but sometimes refuses to hold my hand so it's safer and easier for me to pop her in the pushchair. She's still happy in it so I'm going to keep using it as long as she is.

  • Hi BLL!! I'm just following... We're TTC shortly and interested in options for 2 young'uns. I don't use my pushchair, can't remember how many months since I did, because I have her in the sling, but we'll need something on wheels, especially if the back pain takes months to pass like last time, need a contingency :) x

  • I don't use ours very often. We tend to use the carrier if we are going out for a walk as it's easier. It does get used if we got out for a meal or something like that though as I'll lay Amethyst in their whilst we eat.

  • We still use ours every other day or so. S isn't walking yet and I think it will be a while before he is doing it confidently. Like someone else said, I'm thinking it will be useful for containment once #2 is here. However, H and I have decided against buying a double pushchair initially as we just don't know what S will be like in a few weeks time, let alone a few months time. We will see how we get on with sling + pushchair then go from there.

  • We use ours quite a lot!  A is 20 months (will be 21 when baby is born) and we definitely need it for containment!  He's generally pretty good at walking nicely, but when he decides he doesn't want to its a nightmare trying to get him to walk whilst 8 months pregnant, so I imagine it would be worse with a baby as well!

    Also, he still naps in the afternoon, so if we are out all day he sleeps in the pram.  He's still (usually) quite happy to go in it too so we'll be using it all the time!

    I've recently bought a bugaboo donkey 2nd hand on gumtree and I love it.  We previously had an iCandy Peach jogger (which I loved, and was gutted to sell) but the donkey is much easier to manoeuvre, although more fiddly to put up and down.  However, as a tandem I think it's going to be great.

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