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What age did your little one start/stop using their jumperoo?


  • S started quite early at just over 3 months. She just kind of sat in it and looked at the lights for the first few times. She got bored of it by 6 months as she was in a baby walker and only wanted to move - she thought the jumperoo would move like the walker and got frustrated because it didn't!

  • 10/12 weeks he started going in it and he was happy in it until he was a year old as he wasn't walking by then.

  • S got hers when she was about 4 months. We weren't going to get her one because we don't really have the space but we left her with the grandparents for the weekend and when we came back she's apparently 'talked' them into treating her to one!

    To be fair it's really useful and she loves it so we just found room for it. She still likes it now at 7 months. We definitely don't have the space for a walker so she knows no different! It's a lifesaver to pop her in for her morning bounce while I get in the shower!

  • Was used for 12 weeks before A decided she would rather be free to choose her direction and make sure mummy couldn't escape. Think it was about 4 months she started using it

  • I think about 4/5 months until about 10 months. He stopped when he began crawling at 8/9 months but then had a spurt of playing with it again, then finally gave it up as he was too tall to bounce anymore! We got a lot of use out it though.

  • I think S was about 4 months. We took it down when we had a party after his christening to make some room and never put it up again. He was about 8 months old and desperately trying to crawl so it worked out better for him to be having more floor time anyway. I wouldn't say he was ever obsessed with it so I'm glad we bought it 2nd hand and not new.

  • I picked up a bargain one at an NCT sale when she was about 5 months. she still goes in it every now and then but probably stopped going in it regularly a couple of months ago, 9/10 ish months

  • Started using it at 4.5 months and stopped about 8.5 months.
  • Starred about 3 months and they still use them to chill out before naps at 13 months x we have two as we've got twins and I can't bring myself to get rid of them despite the girls being over the weight limit now! Love them! 

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