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Lightweight stroller/Buggy recommendations please. :-)

As the title says really... Can anyone recommend a good lightweight buggy/stroller. I've looked at argos, amazon, kiddicare and mothercare. Ideally I don't want to sines more than £60 as it's not used all the time. Ava is nearly 3 but no where near 15kgs so still fine to use them. 




  • Obviously I'm the only one that uses a pushchair in here then !

  • I don't visit often now but hate seeing unanswered threads! Hope you're all well lovely. Unfortunately I don't have 1st hand experience of any in the price range as we plumped for the Cybex Callisto for Arthur in the Mothercare sale which was reduced to £110, but obviously he's only 5 months do will be in it for a while yet! Have you thought of going 2nd hand? If you do I'd absolutely plump for a 2nd hand maclaren techno XT x

  • PS. How are our "babies" almost 3?!

  • I got the mothercare Nanu for £50. I really like it. It lives in the car and trips out and has been on a 2 week holiday with us and did a grand job. I know a couple of girls who have the Joie Nitro but you would need to get this in the sale whereas the Mothercare one is £50 full price. Comes in a range of colours. I have paired a buggysnuggle footmoof with mine which is thin enough to still fold the buggy up. Hope this helps a bit xxxx

  • We've got the Joie Nitro, it's £109 in Argos at the moment but we paid about £60 so it would be worth hunting around. It's been on holidays and for trips away and has been brilliant and still fits our footmuff etc.

  • My sister bought a Chicco London stroller for about £50 which is compact when collapsed!  It comes with a raincover and footmuff too.  Quite a nice wee buggy!

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