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Sling question

Hi all

I was hoping you might be able to help me with a sling question. My little boy is 16 months old and I currently have a connecta integra which he loves being in (he is very anti-pushchair at the moment so it has been really good!)  He particularly likes being carried on the front, which I find fine for shorter distances but he is getting a bit heavy for me to carry him like that for longer walks.  

I have been having a read online and have read some things that suggest a manduca or ergo baby carrier might provide that little bit more support and so may be something to consider as he gets a bit bigger.  I was wondering if anyone had any experiences of this at all?  Which do you have and why do you like it? - connecta, manduca, ergo??  

One thing is that I am quite small and so I wouldn't want something that would have too much padding on the straps so I couldn't tighten it as much as I wanted - I find the connecta good on that front. 

But just grateful for any thoughts/experiences that you ladies have.

Thanks v much :-)


  • I have an ergo which I love, but the straps are fairly padded (more padded than my solar weave connecta). I prefer the straight straps on the ergo to the crossovers on the connecta and find it's just easier to put on. I only have an 8 month old though!

  • Have you tried a back carry with your Connecta? My daughter is 13 months and teeny for her age but I find it more comfortable to carry her on my back now in our Connecta and can manage a good couple of hours before it becomes uncomfortable. No experience of other slings of that type but I've done back carries with the Connecta up to when my son was 2.5 yrs.

  • Thanks both, yes I think I need if give the bank carry a proper go. I tried it a while back with straps crossed across my chest and found that really uncomfortable but need to give it a good go in rucksack style

  • If you've still got your accessory strap then loop that round the straps at the front when it's in rucksack style to help stop the straps slipping off your shoulders :)

  • Thanks for the tip! I think I do have that somewhere, will look it out!

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