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Travel cot mattress

We have a travel cot from babies r us that we use as a play pen or 'baby jail' as its become known in our house! So we just use the mattress that came with it (not sure they should actually even call it that as it feels more like wood with a bit fabric on it!) but since O just plays in it and doesn't sleep it does fine. 

We are planning to go away to visit family in the summer and I want to get a mattress to take the travel cot for him to sleep in but I can't seem to find one that is the sizes of the cot! Am I being stupid here and missing something? Surely the mattress size should match the cot?

Its this one and says its 109x76x79 does anyone know what mattress I can get!?


  • I'm sure I bought one from Amazon where you could specify the size of the mattress as well as the depth of it,

    I'll see if I can find a link but if not, I'm sure it wasn't hard to find on there x

  • Can you measure the existing mattress, the internal dimensions will be smaller than the cot, can't see a mattress that size!

  • Have you looked at babymattressesonline? I think all of their mattresses are custom made to specific dimensions and I've found them to be really reasonable in price. They're a bit behind on shipping at the mo though so if you do use them, give yourself plenty of time.

  • Thanks ladies

    Mrs P - I can't believe I didn't think of that lol! It's 97x67 I can see loads online that are 95x65 so I assume they will be ok? 2cm won't cause any issue? The super thin thing that's in it goes right to the very very edges, probably something thicker would need a bit of scope to fit in.

    Popcorn - thanks I'll have a look, although have a lot more scope now I know the actual measurements!

  • Yeah, its mad how different the mattress dimensions are to the cot!  I would have thought 2cm will be fine, especially once you add sheets etc. we went for one either 8cm or 10cm deep (can't remember now), and he sleeps as well in the travel cot as he does in his cot bed, only problem is you can't fold it when travelling!

  • Thanks Mrs P - yeah that is a downside, but I thought I would just put it either on top of everything when it's in or at the back of the boot before we load it. I'll fit it in somewhere! I am terrible for over packing through so will have to be a bit more ruthless with a travel cot to take too!

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