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Votes for Pacapod?

I travel very light with S so my changing bag is reasonably small (a little Babymel one) and it's rarely full. Now that I'll have two (both in cloth nappies) I'm thinking I might want something a little bigger.

I'm super-anal about how things are packed in my bag so I wondered if a Pacapod might be a good solution? I'm not sure if it will be great for helping keep everything tidy in there or if I'll just get confused about which bits are in which 'pod'? Does anyone have one? Love it? Hate it? Opinions please!

I've been looking at this one 

My only slight reservation is whether there will be enough space for enough cloth nappies once the pods are packed? Hmm...


  • I can't comment on how good they are yet but we are getting one! I think Tweetiepie has one so hopefully she'll be along soon.

  • I had the sequoia one, the pods were so useful in the early days but actually not that big! I bottle fed and found it was squashed, also not enough room once I started weaning. I'm not sure on the size of cloth nappies but I imagine it would be a tight squeeze. Also the handbag bit Is small and doesn't fit a lot (I carry a lot of crap). By the time he was 8 months is given up with it and wouldn't bother with one again!

  • Interesting. Noodle what did you switch to after you gave up with it?

  • I used my normal handbag and just got a rucksack for O. I was never sure if it was the amount of stuff I attempt to carry or the bag in all honesty! If I needed to buy another one I would just use the boots one i got free x

  • I love my pacapod.  It's super organised and I don't know how I would cope with a regular changing bag now.

    That said, the pods aren't massive so might not be great for cloth nappies.  Have you been in and looked in the flesh?

    Agree that the handbag part isn't massive too.

    Mine is Oban.

  • I have the Napier which is bigger I think in overall size than the one you've linked to and even mine wouldn't accommodate many cloth nappies. The pods are fantastic and you very quickly know which is which but the pods themselves won't hold cloth nappies and the main compartment isn't that big. If you want a pacapod I'd suggest seeing them in the flesh.

  • Thanks ladies. The nearest place that stocks them is a good half hour drive away and based on your feedback, they sound good but not for me so I don't think I'll bother making the effort to make the trip. Decision made, back to the drawing board. Thanks.

  • The Portland pacapod might be a better option but it's more expensive.

  • I know someone who has one who said they are great in the early days but she ran out of space as the nappies got bigger x

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