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Nursery Flash - anyone?

DH and I are redecorating our front room currently but once that's done in a few weeks it'll be time to  start to nursery :). The walls are already painted a very faint cream colour with a biscuity sort of carpet so won't be making any big changes there as only did it relatively recently. DH is not keen on a themed nursery but I obviously don't want it to be beige lol I'd also be keen to see your furniture/storage choices too! Currently we have the Jessica cot bed from kiddicare but are still undecided about chest of drawers/wardrobes/toy storage :)

so flash your nurseries or any piccies you have saved for inspiration :)


  • It won't let me attach photos for some reason ... but we had mothercare loved so much range (we had a baby girl so we've now got added pink) I found some baskets in Matalan, we have them in the cupboard & wardrobe & on top of the wardrobe.  It makes it easier to separate socks/tights/knickers - sleepsuits/vests - tops/leggings etc & bulking up of nappies/wipes.  We also have wicker type boxes to store away items not needed right now & for future toys (toys currently overtake my livingroom).  I didn't pay this much I found an offer online  I put the smaller ones on top - again I didn't pay this much there was an offer on at the time I think maybe £50 possibly less

    I hope this helps, we actually have 10 of them baskets in R's room, we live in a newbuild house so zero storage space! I'm not looking forward to after R's birthday/Christmas in December trying to store all her toys.

  • We have cream walls & a mid brown carpet which we left and added colour with furnishings and wall stickers

  • I haven't done mine yet but we have white walls and white furniture with flashes of colour in the curtains etc!

  • Our cheapo nursery. 

  • It's gorgeous Ducky!!!

  • That's BEAUTIFUL ducky!!

  • Ducky and Mrs P your nurseries are lovely! I'm so jealous, poor S doesn't have one as we're planning on moving so didn't see the point. However it looks like we probably won't be moving for another couple of months so her stuff is everywhere at the moment!  Can't wait to do her room when we move though

  • I love those nurserys!

    Flossy our poor baby hasn't got one either and won't have for the foreseeable! The boys have moved in together so have a new room and we are mid extension for playroom/utility room. Baby's room will be 'some point' next year, I imagine she might be 14 and still in with us Weep

    She's currently got a wardrobe, a chest of drawers that are filled with her stuff, a cotbed which is in bits, and a crib in our too but that's it.

    I think Ls nursery had been done for months by this point Laugh

  • We didn't have room for a wardrobe as it is only a box room so for hanging space we have one of these

  • Heres a sneak peek of ours, still not finished though!

  • Love the hot air balloons!

  • Mrs Penguin - I love the alphabet! Where is it from?

  • It's from skip hop, think I got it from amazon. It's a b*gger to put up straight though!

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