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Question about baby monitor (probably daft)

I purchased an angelcare sensor mat baby monitor  when it was on sale on amazon. Am I right in thinking that I should still use it  when baby is in the crib in the same room as us(when we are sleeping)? I was reading some threads on another forum that were saying as long as baby was in with us we shouldn't need to use a monitor at all and wouldn't need it till baby went into cot in their own room. 

But surely if the purpose of that monitor is to alarm if baby stops breathing/moving theN surely that would be a helpful thing even if they were in the same room as me - as I wouldn't notice if I was asleep too......

Am I missing something?


  • I used it when he was right next to me x

  • Yes.

    We have Snuza hero nappy clips that alarm if they stop breathing and they sleep in our room. They share a cot so couldn't use the mats as each baby can interfere with the other's sensor mat when they are next to each other.

  • Slightly different but I only had a regular monitor (no sensor mat or video) & didn't use it she we moved her into her own room at 6 months.

    Hope you're doing well x

  • Thank you ladies, I thought I was being abit dense!

    Blackkat - yes I would thought that was what I was supposed to do with a sound only one :) it was the fact that they were talking about sensor ones which got me confused lolol

    And ducky - aw to them sharing a cot! I have a lovely image of them in my head looking all snugly and cuddled up with each other!

  • I use the sensor mat when Oisin is in the crib next to me. It has alarmed several times now, each time because he's wriggled up away from the mat.

    I imaging by the time he's more mobile it'll be no use as it'll be constantly going off!
  • I have the same monitor I attempted to use it initially but the alarm kept going off.  I haven't used the monitor since ... R is still in our room as breastfed & wakes at night & i'm far too lazy to walk into another room.  Also we live in a newbuild so you can hear any sound throughout the house.  My brother has the same monitor & also didn't use the mat due to false alarms!

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