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Nursing pillows.....

Does anyone have one? Any recommendations?



  • I do but didn't use it a whole lot. To be fair I did only breastfed for 2 weeks as ended uo expressing. I did find it really useful during the late night/early morning feeds, i put it around the back if my neck to support my weary head!
  • I've bought a bobby. Not used it yet but like the fact it was multi purpose and has a fun design.,default,pd.html

  • I bought a pregnancy pillow (dream genii) & I used that last time & intend to use it again this time. I then used it to put around Isobelle when she was learning to sit. Depending on how much they are I don't think I'd spend a lot on just 1 for nursing as a pillow would do just as well x

  • I have a dream genii that someone gave me actually blackkat....just haven't needed to use it yet so is still in the wrapper haha. Perhaps I will give it a try once baby gets here -'can always buy a different one later if needed rather than potentially buy one for the sake of it - good thinkin!

  • We have a dream gennii too.  Used it for sleeping in 1st pregnancy and then early days of breastfeeding.  We then moved on to just using cushions from the sofa!!

    Using the dream gennii again for this pregnancy though so getting my moneys worth!

  • I haven't got on with it for this pregnancy but it's great for breastfeeding. Don't bother buying anything else for now, hope it works well for you x

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