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For DH and I we have bog standard stick in mouth thermometers, we're rarely sick to need one. I'd imagine that an in mouth one is not likely to be feasible with a baby!!

I was thinking a Braun thermoscan in ear one would be best although they're abit pricey, but am prepared to pay it if theres nothing better/cheaper

What ones do you have?


  • I got one of the non contact ones (point at head type thing) as that's what they used on me in hospital, but I get a different reading each time I use it! (As in straight after).

    I hear good things about the brain thermoscan one though.

  • We have a Braun in ear and it's pretty accurate.

  • I've tried so many thermometers and the Braun Thermoscan is, by far, the best. Well worth the price tag.

  • We have the Braun thermoscan NICE guidelines are underarm thermometer only up till 4 weeks old, then under arm is prefered from 4 weeks till 5 years but they support the use if infra red tympanic thermometers from 4 weeks (which is the Braun thermoscan and similar), fore head thermometers definitely not recommended (or oral ones), I was always taught to use underarm up till 2 years but NICE have expanded the guidance and accepted the use if the Braun. Isaac is 2.5 and I think I started using the Braun on him around 20/22 months, but since I can't find my underarm one il prob use the Braun on the new baby. There's often deals on them and they are worth the money IMO

  • Thank you ladies. That's very interesting red fraggle........looks like a Braun it is then!! :)

  • Braun here. We bought after a meningitis scare where her temp was all over the shop.

  • Braun here. Definitely worth the money

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