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Sun cream

With the weather now getting better (hurrah!) I need to get M some sun cream......any recommendations? He doesn't have sensitive skin (that we're aware of)....


  • Watching!

  • My little sister has very sensitive skin, especially on her face and my mum always used Avon kids stuff on her. You don't need a rep now either, I  think you can order on line

  • I've always used the ambre solaire 50+ kids coloured lotion with O so I can see where I am putting it too. I'm not sure with A yet as he has eczema so may have to change for him. I've also heard good reviews for the sudocrem mousse suncream ( I did buy a bottle once, but it accidently pressed against something in my change bag, leaving everything a foamy mess :') )

  • I looked everywhere last year for the sudocrem mousse but could only find it online and it would have taken weeks to be delivered. Annoying because I heard good things too.

    I used two different baby suncreams last year (one was definitely Soltan baby), and one was rubbish (thick and sticky) and the other was great. I just wish I could remember which they were and which was the good one!!

  • I got it in superdrug...not sure if they still do it?

  • Found this in boots so thought I'd give it a try as M still little. £4 for 50ml which is quite pricey as could get a big bottle for of kids amber solaire for £7/8 but figured if he reacts to it I've only wasted a small tube! If he managed ok with it we can buy bigger next time

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