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I am due in 2 months today and have got everything built up ready apart from blankets, i have a couple my mother in law made but i need so bigger ones.. all the shops in my area dont tend to sell them i dont know if that is because it is summer or just a general thing.. i have looked online on sites such as babies r us which are selling them at £12.99 with a £5 postage charge which seems a bit silly to me as that is for standard post

I am wondering has anyone got any fairly good priced blankets online as i cant get out to shops to get them as i am on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy.. if there is any that anyone can recommend or even ones you have gotten but not been pleased so i dont waste money.. any help would be great thank you x


  • I bought a moses basket bundle from Mothercare (sheets, small cellular blanket and coverlets for the mattress) and normal cot size cellular blankets. But you might want to go down the sleeping bag route when the babies a few months old, which I ended up buying from Primark - they came up tiny though, so I always bought the larger sizes.

    I would say this, don't worry too much about not having them now, you can always pop and get them once the baby is born. HTH x

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