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Asda Digital over Clear Blue?

Hi Ladies,

I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience? I had the contraceptive implant for 6 years and had the most recent one removed on 21/05/2015. During the 6 years I hardly had any periods. I started bleeding the day after it was removed and I think it lasted till approx 28th. I haven't had a period since so on Tuesday that will be 2 months. We have just been to Egypt for 2 weeks, while on holiday I slept alot and vomited a few times, also my sense of smell was very heightened. We were convinced I was pregnant so as soon as I woke up after we'd come back (yesterday morning) I did an asda digital test which came back positive. I was so excited and wanted to see how far gone I was I did a clear blue weeks indicator test yesterday afternoon and it came back not pregnant. I was so upset but read it was probably because my urine wasn't strong enough. I couldn't sleep at all last night until 6am this morning and then only managed till 10am. I read that 4hrs is the length of time you should leave it without urinating so I did another clear blue weeks indicator which came back negative again. I'm so confused. Why did the asda digital come back positive? 

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