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The bedtime book that sends your child to sleep 'in minutes': try it out for us?


We've got a news story today about The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep, a special book written by a behavioural psychologist that, apparently, sends children to sleep – without fail – 'within minutes'.

What do you think of it? Good idea or not?

And would you like to test it out on your children (we'll send you a free copy), and tell us whether it works or not? 

Please do let us know!





  • Hi!

    I am really keen to try this book. My eldest son is five and bedtimes can be very challenging - often we're reading to him for some time in an effort to calm him down to go to sleep; even after ages of reading, he's often still awake for ages after we leave him chatting away to his toys! He's one of those children who wakes in the morning by sitting bolt upright and chirping "Good morning!" and from that moment until the time he collapses asleep at night he is on the Go. Bedtime can be such a mission and now we've got a newborn as well something to help him settle quicker would be brilliant.

    I'd love to try this book with him and would be pleased to review it for you - and add the review to my blog as well. I hope to hear from you!

  • Hi, we would like to try this book please. I have read quite a bit about it recently, but wasn't sure about whether it would work or not. Our little boy is 27 months and likes to chat a lot during bedtime. It can be very frustrating trying to do his bedtime routine and read to him, as he wants to climb about and act silly - he needs something to help him calm down. 

  • Oh that's brilliant, Honeysooze and MummyP1981 - thank you both!

    We'll drop you each a PM now.

  • Would it work on a 7 month old who thinks bedtime is time for exploring her cot and dancing instead of sleeping??!! Nap times are fine, only bedtime, it doesn't matter what we try it still takes over an hour to get her to sleep 

  • Your baby's bedtimes sound interesting, Kazza236 - I have a lovely picture in my head of your baby dancing round the cot!

    To be honest, I'm not sure if the book's meant to work on 7-month-olds - but if you'd like to give it a try, let us know!

  • I have been thinking about buying thus book my son just never wants to sleep and now I'm pregnant I find it so hard to keep awake myself while getting him to sleep! I would love to no how everyone gets on or would be willing to review it for you x

  • Fantastic, Chamilto! We'll drop you a PM now.

  • I have read about this book and would love my 5 year old to test it for you. She was such a good sleeper and self settler for the first 18 months of her life..then she was really poorly and her routine was thrown out and she became clingy.

    She is a worrier and uses bedtime to get all her worries out which is fine but then she doesn't settle when we tell her it's time to sleep and finds lots of excuses to prolong it, i need a drink, i need the loo, i didnt kiss you properly, ive lost get the idea im sure !! She's going into year 1 this September and she really needs to get her sleep routine better as come midweek she really does flag.

    We enjoy reading a story before bed though so maybe this will help...

  • Hi cupcakemummy – and oh yes, I remember the 'I need' thing at bedtime – drove me to desperation!

    Thanks for volunteering - we'll drop you a PM now.

  • Hi, I'd love to give it a go.  I have a nearly 8 month old and a 7 year old.  Neither of them are very keen on sleeping so it'd be interesting to see if it would work at both ends of the age spectrum!

  • Thanks brummymum - we'll drop you a PM!

    We've probably got enough testers now, folks - so thanks - and keep your eyes peeled for their verdicts!

  • Hi I read about this book the other day and straight away said to my husband we've got to get that book, we've been having toddler bedtime battles with our twins for ages now and have exhausted all normal routes of stopping it and think what the hell we'll try anything, after another 2 hr battle tonight I'd really love to try it on my twins and see if it works as a double whammy lol x

  • I'd try anything to get her to sleep - she was still awake gone midnight last night image 

  • We read Goodnight moon to our nearly two year old every night without fail, he often makes us read it 3 or 4 times before even getting into bed! I can read it with my eyes closed???? I'd love to try a new book hopefully won't make me fall asleep too 

  • Would love to try this with my 4 and 2 1/2 year old, would be truly amazed if it worked.


    Love to review it for you 

  • Hi everyone, thanks for posting on this thread offering to try out the book. 

    We've now picked our testers and don't need any more volunteers, thank you.

    Keep an eye on this thread for our testers' verdicts!

  • well the book is here I tried it out at work today only as a little play before actually trying at home for real, I had all the children lie down and listen to the story (I knew they wouldn't fall asleep to noisy ect) after two pages of the book a lot of them were rubbing there eyes and yawning and I even  tried it on another teacher and she said it made her feel sleepy fingers crossed for tonight xx

  • I received our copy of the book yesterday and tried it out on my 5 yr old son last night. I felt a bit silly reading it as some of it doesn't flow too well (like when you keep saying Now). My son kept wanting to sit up and look at the pictures and was miffed when I told him no - he said, and I agree, what is the point of a kids book with pictures in it if the kid is not meant to sit up and look at them? Also at one point I read a sentence which said about being so tired and I had to yawn - he looked at me and said, "You're very tired tonight aren't you mummy" but at that point there was no sign of him drifting off. A moment later we got the giggles because I had to say his name and he was so tickled that the book 'had his name in it' that he started giggling and once he started I was off as well. I thought to myself no way is this going to work. We were both giggly and he had been really hyper before bed and I thought this is going to be an epic fail.

    I carried on reading it anyway because you never know, and within the next couple of minutes I looked up and he'd fallen fast asleep in the position he'd been in during his giggling fit. I stayed and finished the story as directed, and he didn't stir again.

    Usually he would take much longer to settle down to sleep - usually I would leave him awake and he would chat to his toys or read them a story - so it made a change to leave him fast asleep last night, and within an hour. He was asleep about halfway through the book. Also he would usually be awake and come into our bed around four or five in the morning - he came into our room at 5am and told daddy he had lost his favourite toy, daddy went into his room and found it and he had already climbed back into bed and was half asleep by the time daddy handed him back his toy. He slept through til 7.15 this morning and only woke up when his daddy went in to wake him up - usually he would be woken by the alarm at 6.30 as he is normally in our bed by then. He was bright and energetic this morning and when I asked him he said he'd slept really well.

    It was his daddy's turn to do bedtime tonight and when he reached for the same book our son said he didn't want that story again because I'd read it last night. His daddy said that he wanted to read it so it was read again but already our son is bored of it and wants a different book - usually we would read something different each evening, whether its a different short story or a chapter of a longer book - he is not used to hearing the same story night after night and I can see the repetitiveness of this getting to him quickly. Tonight he was kicking at the book from under the covers and was fidgeting and talking to his toys instead of listening. When I spoke to my husband he said he found the repeating of the word Now interrupted the flow of the book and he found it quite a wordy and boring story. 

    At this point I am not sure whether it is a good sleeping aid or just really boring and that's why it works, but I am willing to continue trying and will update you on how it goes.

  • We received our copy yesterday and I read the story to my 5 year old little girl Mia at bedtime. Mia has for a long time been a restless sleeper, and she went from being an amazing baby- sleeping through from 3 weeks old to a nightmare toddler/child. Mia often makes a fuss at bedtime and will need lots of comfort to go to sleep. We have a well established routine at bedtime though! She is now in Year 1 at school and she really needs her sleep. 

    So before we began I told Mia that this was a magic book. We lay on her bed and cuddled. At first I was dubious- the pictures for me are a little bit odd and I was surprised at the length of the book too! But Mia was interested.

    Mia can read to an extent and the thing she questioned all the way through was Where was her name- because I kept saying it and she couldn't see it! I reminded her it was a magic book and only Mummy could see it! 

    She was definitely getting more sleepy as we went on- the cutest moment was when almost in a dream like voice she was repeating the words I was saying. Very hard to explain but it was like she was in a trance!

    As we finished the story she turned over and cuddled her Mickey. I kissed her goodnight and turned out the light. That was it. She slept until 7am which is her normal weekday wake up as we have to get to school. She didn't wake in the night crying like she normally does either. I was impressed! We will read it again- we couldn't tonight as our Tuesday nights are a little different as she has Rainbows and Daddy puts her to bed as i collect her sister from Brownies- she wouldn't let him read it to her as she said it was a special Mummy and Mia book. 

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