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Travel systems with a lie flat stroller?!

i love looking at baby stuff although not yet pregnant.

i want a pram for my baby that has the carry cot for while they are smaller but I also like a seat for the stroller that actually lies flat rather than just tilts if you know what I mean?

I like the m+p mylo but my  partner hates it! Which I think he just dislikes the m+p look in general ... Although something of similar size would be good ... Can anyone recommend anything?


  • Hi, The icandy Strawberry has both seat and carry cot, it comes complete at about £540, it's reviewed on here and does very well. comes in silver or black frame, lots of colours so you may find something that suits your partner too, I chose the icandy raspberry which doesn't have a carry cot. John Lewis now have a three warranty on icandy.

  • The seat for when they are older tilts though doesn't it? I would want one that actually lies flat like the Mylo.

  • We just purchased the Silver cross 3D in monochrome from Mothercare. Has everything from car seat to lie flat & compact stroller forward facing as pram and changing bag too. Currently reduced to £300 from £500. Online exclusive tho. 

  • Strawberry does get good reviews, and will be good for your newborn. it comes with loads of accessories and is quite affordable :) 

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