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Pram Advice!


I am a first time mum and have entered the world of so many strollers! Lol just a tad overwhelming.

I can't decide between the Silver Cross Pioneer or the Joolz Geo? I can't find the Joolz Geo here in Dubai so would get my father in law to bring it back from the UK which means I would not get a test drive if I were to get it. Online it looks amazing! But not sure.

Any advise on which one is better? 

Thanks ahead image


  • Hi there, 

    I expected my baby at the begining of november. I looking for a pram but I am a bit lost because the offer is really huge and it is my first baby so I have no clue about pram. 

    Does anyone have some advice for me ? 

    thank you very much.

  • Hi Julia, my advice would be have a think about what you would be doing with baby in the pram?? 

    Lots of walking or not much? - is handle height going to be an issue or weight of the unit? ( some are well heavy to push long distance!)

    Would you need to get it in a car boot space ? (Go small folding) On/ off public transport? (Go one hand foldable/ lightweight)

    Where will it be kept ( mine is in the boot - hence smaller umbrella fold and dark colour!)

    Do you want swivel wheels to assist pushing in anything other than a straight line !

    Also price point? Do you have a budget? 

    If you can answer some questions first you can look at a range on display and eliminate alot straight off - too big/ bulky/ expensive / too many pieces  (frame, seat,carrycot hoods etc to store as some come in separate bits )

    Many many times moms choose an expensive designer big bright pram combo only to find they go back after a few months to buy a umbrella fold "simple" pram to use as the bugger ones require alot of fuss to set up.

    For a good all rounder travel system look at graco mirage/ mosaic sets or similar, (hauck, obaby,cossato,chicco, silver cross etc all do similar sets as well as generic brands) they are reasonable price and offer a good set up from newborn to 3ish 

    Enjoy your shopping x

  • Hi busymama, 

    I found this pram : I really love this product and I think it will fit well to me. Does anyone have this pram and can help me ? 


  • Hi, I haven't had a pram like that before but if you think it will fit your requirements well then go for it lol its a nice looking pram :)

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