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Shoulder pads for Maxi Cosi Streety Car Seat

Hi there,

A friend of mine has given me the Maxi Cosi Streety Plus Travel System with all the accessories except the shoulder pads for a new born in the car seat. I have seen shoulder pads on eBay for the maxi cosi cabriofix, is it safe to buy and use these or do I need the exact shoulder pads for the streety fix?

Thanks in advance!


  • I would say a shoulder pad is a shoulder pad??? I had to renew the pads on our old car seat due to a very sicky baby and I bought a generic set the same colour and used them when I washed the others... After all its just a loop of cushioned fabric over the strap to make it more comfy for baby, so I wouldn't see the harm in using another set.

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