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Hello all, new to this...

Looking for advise on a buggy/pushchair

i am adopting a 7 months old little girl, she will be with me in the next few weeks. Trying to get organised and would like to get a pushchair/ buggy before her arrival. Really lost in the immense choice. here are some of criterias: 

1- I live in the city with a few steps to get in and out of my property and I will be a single mum so light weight, freestanding when folded are some fixtures I would like.

2- being able to face both ways. Or is this a necessary, you experienced mums out there must know...

3- I am morons budget as such but would like to spend more than what is necessary. The designer image does nothing for me.

I thing those are the main things, now I hope I will get to hear from you all and if there are points on what I should get and I am not thinking off please do not hesitate to add.

thank you


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