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When did you start buying baby stuff??????

Hi there ,

when did everybody start buying baby stuff and what was the first thing you bought?? 

this should be interesting 

Hi ladies when did everybody start buying baby stuff and what was the first thing you bought?? 
this should be interesting 


  • I'm 19 weeks and the first thing I bought was a tiny pair of converse type shoes for our baby announcement. After that I've waited until the last week or two to buy bits. 

  • I never buy until after 12 wks just little bits but after the 5 month scan and I have the sex confirmed I go to town!! Sadly my last pregnancy I was at 19 weeks and saw an icandy in the sale( very rare!) I spent £500 and got Avent bottles / steriliser in sales then lost my little boy at 21 weeks:( was devastated and have all the bits in my loft. I'm now at 7wks pg again and desperately hoping to use those bits! Lets just say I'm buying nothing until at least 7 months. I have 3 healthy children that I thoroughly enjoyed buying stuff for though at various stages nothing nicer seeing a cupboard full of nappies/wipes/booties/vests etc 😊 Hoping to get to that stage again:)

  • I bought a small outfit at 10 weeks and then began slowly getting stuff at about 18 week. Now my little girl has more clothes than me and am only 22 week. I've had a lot of people buying gifts though..

    Didn't buy other stuff until after my 20 week scan (prep machine, steriliser, breast pump , nappies etc).. 

    Of too order my cot and pram soon. 

    Busy busy though as were also going through the stages of buying a house and mortgage xx

  • i cant hold back! as soon as id had my 12 week scan i ended up buying cute little bits and bobs all the time, then as soon as i found out i was having a little girl, that was it, i went abit mad with buying clothes! safe to say shes never been short of things to wear!

  • Around 7 months...that was after my 3D/4D ultrasound which let me know that the gender was already 100% sure. 

  • The first thing I bought was a pair of funny socks

  • I started buying at 6 weeks😊 yeah sadly things can happen that you dont want to but you've got to look for the positive s, i don't believe there is a time when you should start, whenever you feel comfortable 

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