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Out n about single V4

Evening! I'm selling my Phil & Ted explorer as I no longer need a double pushchair. I use it as a single with my 9 month tho I find it so heavy especially as my 3 year old likes to walking holding my hand and I find it impossible to push it one handed! 

I am thinking bout buying the out n bout V4 single as I like the all terrains Buggys (I also have a older boy of 5 and am always in parks and woods and running after them on their scooters on the school run!) 

I have read good reviews about the out n about tho some negatives bout the seat being not very up right and very big and not easy to fold!

Is it also easy to push one handed so I've one hand free? 

just worried I will regret selling my Phil & teds? 

Any comments or suggestions on what Buggys are good or your feelings on the out n bout v Phil & Ted 


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