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Special mattress to cure back pain

Hello everyone, my sister had her baby last month and it was a difficult pregnancy and delivery. Fortunately both the mom and child are fine now, but my sister still suffers from back pain. She tried different medicines to get relief but the pain still persists. I was thinking is changing mattress would somehow help her. I have heard of health protector mattresses like these but I haven't used them. Will they help in reducing the back pain? Any suggestions on this? I never had a troubling back so I am not sure of how to cure this. So please help.


  • I don't know what size your bed is, but check outTuft and<a href="">Needle</a>. Really well made mattresses, and on the firm side, much like the toddler mattress you were using. Incredibly quality, great price. And no, I have no affiliation with them other than we bought one of their mattresses and have since convinced half a dozen friends and family to do the same and everyone is incredibly pleased. Our girls are still in toddler beds, but as soon as they transition into normal beds, I'm getting them Tuft and Needle mattresses

  • Hey, the Emma mattress is 4-layers, 25 cm- thick mattress, if someone has any pain in the back, this mattress seems to be convenient solution. I personally use it, it helped me with side-sleeping position, which prevents me from backpains and snoring.

    Take a look at specification, they seem really fine too.

  • A firm mattress should help. Since my hubby have some back issues, we decided to change our bedroom setup. We ordered one from <a href=””>winkbeds</a>, and they provided us with two options: medium and extra firm. After testing the firmer version, we ended up buying it. No complaints from my husband since then :)

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