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Buggy Boards On Prams


Im currently pregnant with my first daughter (after two boys) I have a 5 year old and. 2 year old who will be three when she's born! But oh my he is an awful walker and stubborn! Worst combination! So I first drew the line at  double as by the time shes born he'll have 10 months before he starts school! So no double but I'm so worried about it rather than the actual pushchair it's self!

at the moment I'm totally in love with the bugaboo cam3 and they're buggy board is amazing but the price for everything is obviously a LOT! So I'm trying (while crying) to find some sort of alternate but so stuck. I quite like the silver cross wayfarer but has anybody ever used a buggy board for it? 

can anybody share any experiances with pushchairs and buggy boards? I'm worried I'm gonna struggle to walk with one that isn't actually made for the pram (I'm only 5ft) 

or any reviews of the cam3? Is it worth the money! 

Thanks for for listening guys! X

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