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Maxicosi tobi, length ?

I'm looking to buy a carseat for my toddler to use in my brothers car since we use it quite often(the one I have now from besafe is a pain to move between cars). I've looked around and I'm considering maxicosi tobi, priori or rubi (not quite sure of the differences, does anyone know?). They seem to have good reclines and to be easy to install with the seatbelt (my brother does not have isofix in his car, it is also rather small so finding a rear facing seat that fits seems to be quite impossible now that my soon to be 2 year old is getting to be quite tall, so it seems front facing is the only way). My son is 37 inches long, would it be a total waste of money buying one of these carseats now? I cannot find any information about what length they are suitable for, and they arent sold in any retailers near me


  • Does no one have this seat? :( what about the priori, how tall is your kid and how much length does your LO have in the seat?

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