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Uppababy Vista


I've just bought an Uppababy Vista and I'm wondering if people with them used the carrycot and stand for their newborn? Was it worth buying the stand? Are there any alternatives to the £125 stand? 

Thanks in advance x


  • Not sure if this is what you're after MrsO1, but we do carry a review of it here. 

  • Thank you, but I've already bought the pushchair. I'm after advise on the carrycot stand, as it's rated for overnight sleeping.



  • Hi I don't have this pushchair  but I did have one that had a carrycot i used to leave him on floor or footstool if u have something else to use that 125 pound could be used for a lot more stuff and my little one was only in his for 3 months hardly seemed worth it and he also had a swing crib 

  • Hiya MrsO1, my name is Hazelann and I'm the MadeForMums Reviews Editor. We haven't tested the actual UPPABaby stand in a full review, but I have seen it many times in person and it is a well-made piece of kit.  It really all depends what your needs are, it's made to replace a Moses basket, as you already have a carrycot with the buggy, you won't need to buy both.   

    The carrycot is safe for overnight sleeping and when we’ve tested it (3 separate times) it's always been found to be very comfy.  It’s also really easy to use with the stand, to put on and take off as it works as if you were putting it on and off the pushchair frame.


    So using it with the stand I think it would work just as well as any other Moses basket on the market.  However at £124 for the stand alone, it’s expensive.  You can find cheaper complete Moses baskets and similarly priced safe co-sleepers that will last a few months longer.   


    Really hope this helps, if you've got any other questions let us know.


    Thanks image

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