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Angelcare ac100

Does anyone use only the nursery unit at night? (leave the parent unit switched off as it only lasts max 8 hours when off the charging craddle).  Please correct me if i am wrong but the nursery unit alone will work as a heart rate monitor whilst your baby sleeps next to you in a moses basket.  The nursery unit will alarm (even though the parent unit is off) if the baby stops breathin.  You can press the 'hold' button on the nursery unit (situated at the top) to hold the heart rate montor from going off when you take your baby out the basket and unpause it when you put them back in.  I have tried this set up (minus a baby) and it seems to work  If anyone knows any flaws in this idea would you correct me please???? This would just save me dragging the charging craddle and nursing unit up and down stairs everynight.  Thanks

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