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Please help: How do you decide which product to buy?

Hi moms,

if I may I would like to ask you how are you exactly deciding to buy particular ‘‘parent gear’’ product? Do you make some research on your own? Or do you read some particular websites with reviews that helps you to decide? Is there anything you missing while deciding which product to buy? I mean some comparator of product etc.?

Thank you for your comments


  • Hey Linda,

    All depends on what exactly is most important to you! I'm really keen to make sure products I buy are made from organic & safe materials so that my little one doesn't come into contact with anything non-natural. When looking I'll always make sure to research what fabrics products are made from e.g. bamboo or pure cotton. From there I usually combine my own research with reviews I find online from bloggers and social influencers. Like I said, all depends what is most important to you - could be quality, materials, price etc. I'd suggest deciding on this and then looking for some good reviews online :)

  • Exactly it depends how month and year your baby is.age matters when you go to shop for your baby.

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