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Double pushchairs?!

Hi everyone I'm due August and am really having difficulty finding a double pushchair suitable for a newborn and toddler (2.5y) I had the iCandy apple when my daughter was born but I now use a silver cross pop stroller I could convert the iCandy to pear but if in honest I don't think it's a great pushchair wheels go flat, very heavy etc. I would just a single pushchair as my daughter does like to walk but we don't drive and walk EVERYWHERE! So I think I'm going to need a double can anyone recommend a pushchair suitable? Thanks!


  • I have heard the city jogger mini doubles are really good. I have just got the single one and it fab. THey are really light weight and you can get the carrycot for them, so you can have one side normal chair and other a carry cot. Worth a look image
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