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Hi im 16 weeks pregnant with my second and im not sure what type for pram to get. when my new baby comes my little boy will just be turning 2 and im not sure what to do. i have his pram still as he is still in it but not sure if i should get a new double pram or one of these buggy boards? my little boy loves to walk but doesn't like to walk out side to much. I dont no if this will change by the time the new baby is hear. I do have baby rains for him though i dont like these but do think they are a good idea as i live in a town. I go out mostly on my own as my partner usually works and don't no if having my little man walking beside would work as he loves to be independent. Does any one have any advice or tips on what to do? or has anyone else been faced with this problem or a similar one and if so what did you do? Thanks for looking Halley xx
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