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I am looking to buy a pram for our expected baby. My problem is that I would like my baby to sleep outside for nap time in the day for approx the first 2 years, but I can't find a proper "old school" pram that is big enough. All the prams I have seen are small and will only fit the baby for about 6 months. Is there anyone who knows where I can find this type of pram? 


  • Hi, I've an iCandy raspberry which really small and light, a friend has the apple which is more traditional with a big high sided carry cot. Looks nice to me. hers is in a soft grey colour which looks pretty cool too.

  • I have the icandy peach, bought it deliberately as it switches up to hold two babies as we weren't sure on how much of a gap to have between them (as it turns out there will be 2 years between as I'm due in July next year with our second). 

    I love it as it's easy to fold down, and when DD was small we had the carrycot for it too. The seat unit itself is fully adjustable so if she were to fall asleep in it we could adjust it so that she's lying flat on her back and is comfortable. It's really important that once they are able they have a harness on and everything so that they are safe.

    However, my DD does NOT sleep in the pram. As a baby she would sleep all the time and anywhere but nowadays she really really won't. It doesn't matter how tired she is. She only sleeps in the moving car or in her cot :( gutted as it makes things a bit tricky sometimes if we're out and about and she is really tired but some kids just don't do it - and it's worth bearing in mind that your little one may also not like to sleep in a pram - so don't base a decision purely on sleep-ability if that makes sense.

  • I know the sleeping in the car issue, early morning I would have to drive for an hour or so on the motorway to get ours off to sleep, one peep in the mirror meant another 10 mins drive before her eyes closed agian. Sleep patterns for babies is still a great mystey, no doubt being in a car is one pretty sure way of getting some sleep, as the recent VW advert demonstrated.

  • I do agree that the best way to get a nap for the lo had been a trip in the car especially at night even short distances worked. Napping outside during the day is a lovely concept although i never got round to trying it. 

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