Crib V's Mosses Basket

Hi Just wanted your opinion. I have bought a mosses basket but when my mum came over today she said that she thinks it would be better to have a crib.

What do you guys think is better?


  • hi,i bought a beautiful crib for my last baby a swinging one.....i hated was a bloody pain.moses baskets are alot better i think and alot easier to move around..but hey thats just me opinion.
  • I have got a swinging crib for Jack-the-bump, it's one thats been in our family for about 20 years! have been told it will only last a few weeks though. Would love to have a moses basket too so can put the baby down downstairs, also easier to pick up and move.
    found a swinging crib mattress for ??15.48 (inc p and p) form, it arrived quickly and seems to be fine.
  • You see i thought a mosses basket was fine, we have also got a cot bed as well so i was thinking of having her sleep in our room in the mosses basket for the first few months then moving her to the cotbed in the nursery after that. As i first time mum i havent got a clue. Do u think this will be ok
  • i had both we had a crib handmade and bloody expensive and a cheap moses basket fom toys r us, my daughter never slept or even liked the crib :roll: she loved the moses basket i think thats because it molded arround her more and she felt safer image i wouldnt waste your money just get a standard moses basket hopethis helps
  • here here,why didnt you tell me that 13 months ago when i had my last baby,.lol
  • i wish i had, ended up taking it to the charity shop.complete waste of hubbys hard earned
  • I had both for daniel & will use both again for this baby when it gets here. :\) The swinging crib is one that has been in the family for a while that we will borrow from the inlaws... and a moses basket that we bought from a friend. as babies are only in it for a short while it was nearly brand new I didn't see the point in buying new for the sake of it... :\) I loved having both. I like having the moses basket downstairs to have him in the day and then the crib at night. I like the fact that I could have the crib right up next to me and see him throught the bars, but with the moses basket I couldn't. Also noticed the crib was longer too... which is a must in our family as we all have extra long babies!!!! :\) lol both are fine whatever you choose, but I like the fact that I didn't have to move something up/down stairs every day!! (lazy sod aren't I? :\) )
  • we've bought both too, the moses basket for downstairs and the crib for upstairs in the bed room.
  • We used a moses basket last time and actually carried dd upstairs in it each night. We had the cot crammed up against our bed and wall with one side down so we could just pop the moses basket onto the cot, then when she was older put the side up and just used the cot instead. She was happy with both so we're doing the same again this time.
  • ive had 3 this is my 4th i had moses baskets 4 all of them then a cot didn't think there was any difference in crib or moses baskets they only stay in them same time then the cot so whats the point
  • I'm the same - on bub no4 and using a moses basket again. Found them much more practical in that they r easier to move around etc. Also, there r some lovely ones around, reasonably priced and as they'll only b in them a matter of weeks - my 3rd lasted 4 weeks coz he outgrew it in length!! - much more economical! Afterall, we keep getting told how expensive it is to raise a family nowadays......
  • We had a moses basket also, but the one tip I would highly recommend is that I moved my son into his own nursery at 8 weeks old, now he is 16mths old & is totally fine with being on his own in dark room. Whereas every other mum I know with lil ones had them in with them for 6 mths etc they harder to go in own room. I also put Zac into a cot at 9 weeks, as he wriggled so much in moses, it moved about 6 inches away from wall & we have marble floor! (live in spain, don't think they have invented carpets yet!) He loved the space! But my friend kept her boy in moses for 5 mths and he refused to sleep in cot & will only sleep in bed with her!
    Only a bit of advice, it might not work for everyone! And I think swinging cribs are useless, good for getting babe off to sleep, but when time for cot, they expect to be rocked, which is hard to get out of!!:roll:
  • I had no problem with daniel moving from the rocking crib to his cot when he was 8/9 weeks old. He settled straight away... also I see the point in having both a crib & a moses basket for me was that I don't have to have a big cot in my bedroom or don't have to move a basket up & downstairs... my moses basket was ??20 from a friend so for me that was worth every penny spent, so I didn't have the hassle! lol :\) xx
  • Thanks for all ur opinions. I think i am going to stick with the mosses basket i have got and just get a better matress for it as the one it came with isnt very good.

    Thank you x
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