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Which is best baby sling or carrier?

Hi, I'm looking to buy a baby wrap/sling or carrier to make the school run with my 4 year old more manageable. He is currently in nursery so I have to take him into the classroom each morning so cannot take our pram in with me and I don't want to leave my 6 week old in the pram in the cloakroom out of my sight. So I was looking at carrying her in a wrap/sling/mei tai or carrier but there are so many out there I'm getting in a muddle about which to buy.

I need something that is quick and easy to put on on my own and easy to get baby into. I had a baby bjorn carrier with buckles with my first baby but I found it really difficult to put on (I don't know if I was doing it right tbh). I was all set for getting a baby wrap this time but then have discovered mei tai wraps which look more comfortable for baby. What are your experiences with slings/wraps/carriers, which is best? 

Thanks xx


  • I found wrapping really good for my last one I also got a mei tie when she got bigger a buckles and a ring sling lol I'm lucky to have friends that baby wear so I can ask them if you see someone that alway wears ask them as in my experience baby wearing mummy's are happy to help. There are a lot of groups and libraries for slings where you can try and rent some. I'm look on Facebook I'm in Northampton and there are loads

  • I dont have any experience (only 25 weeks pregnant with my first!) but one of my close friends used a wrap with her youngest for much the same reason you have daid above - so that she could take her eldest to school or help him do things whilst still having the baby in her sight! She recommended a baby wrap to me and said that she'll put it on at home in the morning, then when she gets baby out of the car can put him straight in the wrap without messing about with it. She also suggested it for shopping in the supermarket (I'm quite short, so those trolleys with the baby seat holder would leave me unable to see - although Im not sure you'll have that problem!) x

  • Thanks puddy, I'm not sure if there are any groups in my area where you can rent slings from, I'll have a look on facebook and ask the health visitors if they're aware of any in my area so i can try before i buy as some are so expensive. Did you find any of the ones you used difficult to put on or get baby into? X

  • Thanks bubbamumma, I think a wrap may be the way forward, they look so much easier to put on. That's my plan too to put it on at home then just put baby into it when I get out of the car at school. Would be really handy to use when at the supermarket too on the occasions my little boy decides to do a runner down the aisle so I can go after him instead of looking like I'm taking part in supermarket sweep lol. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy x

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