Tommee Tippee Nappy Wrapper

I have been told that the Tommee Tippee Nappy Wrapper bin is half price in Sainsbury's at the moment at ??15.99, not been myself yet so not sure if the offer is still on but if anyone is planning on getting one it might be worth a look.


  • Thanks obi1, yeah i got one of these as i was told they r really handy, i got it at the baby show for 15 pounds a right bargin they r usually about 30 x
  • Sorry to disappoint ladies but i found this a waste of time. When its full the smell is beyond horrendous!! You can't beat the nappy sacks and straight into the bin. mel xxx
  • Hi Obi1, mothercare also has them at ??15. I bought one but my mum said that its a waste of money! Ah well i wanted it anyway. Just thought id let you know just incase Sainsburys are sold out.
  • oh mel it is so true i thought these would have disappeared by now i had one for a short time with my son and he is 10 and they are still selling ...don't waste ur money
  • Sorry but have to agree with the lasses, these are shit, but then there are a lot of things that I bought with my 1st baby and realised I didnt need once in the routine of it all! Still, you might like it!
  • Hi I have one of those as i am a childminder and have a lot of nappies to deal with. I must admit that i do only use it for wet nappies, if i do get a dirty one i tend to still wrap it up in a nappy sack and put it straight in the wheelie bin outside.
  • Thanks eveyone that's ??15 saved to spend on somethine else!!
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