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MummyLoveMe at Shopify

Hi all,

Has anyone purchased anything from a site called Mummy Love Me @ Shopify? they have amazing (somewhat unbelieveable) offers and am afraid to purchase incase its a con.

Cant see anything online though with bad reviews so I thought id ask


  • Hi there

    im thinking the same - not sure if they are a trusted site. I have googled the URL and registered address and I'm not sure it's legit tbf.

    Website was only created two weeks ago with no reviews or fb posts. They are also selling feee clothes?... 

    if anyone has purchased from here let me kno as the sleepy head at £50 is a bargain x

  • I made an order from this website back in January - like you, I had concerns about how trustworthy it would be seeing as it had no reviews and seemed quite new. Given that my total order was less than £25 I thought I'd take the chance, but now wish I hadnt bothered! Over 2 months later and I still havent had a delivery, they've stopped replying to me and I'm contacting my bank to see if the payment can be recorded (I know it isnt a lot, but I'd rather that money went anywhere else than in to the hands of scammers!!) 

    So, in summary, I'd avoid ordering from there - no matter how good the offers seem! 

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