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Help! Advice needed on car seats

Hi. First thread here. My LG is 13 months and pretty much at her limit in the infant car seat. She's 10kg and 77cm tall. I've been looking at the Cybex Sirona as I know it's meant to be one of he safest on the market. The one thing making me doubt it is the impact shield. Practically how do toddlers or young children cope with these? These type of car seats were not around when my eldest was small but I remember him eating, drinking, colouring, playing, watching iPad on his lap which in the car seat (all essential for a happy toddler in the car sometimes!) Is any of this possible when they're using the impact shield as the photos I've seen make their arms look really restricted. Safety is a key concern when buying a car seat but so is the practicality of having a happy toddler on every journey too. She will be in a normal forward facing, harness when she's with the childminder and Grandad too. Any advice on pros cons of this seat or similar would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 😀

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