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Advice on the best family car


Does anyone have any advice on what car is best for a small family? My ford fiesta is coming to the end of its time, so the question is should I just get the same again or go for something different. Is it easier having a 4x4 or should I just go for a smaller hatchback again? Everyone seems to have a 4x4 these days and there are many affordable options.

Anyway to stop me from rambling... if anyone has any good experience with cars let me know - I'm hopeless at this type of thing!! Just don't know where to begin...!

Thanks in advance :-)


  • How many children do you have, onthebrightside?

    Know what you mean about everyone having a 4x4!! They're everywhere :)

  • One three year old - but planning for a 2nd. Hence the big old debate! Such a hard decision - I guess the only way I know is by test driving a few but it's just the time it takes - I need a  handful of options to try. With a pushchair I'm leaning towards a 4x4 for the boot space but it's then a question of what one is best. Decision decisions... 

  • We have a Citroen C4 Picasso but we have three children so needed something quite roomy in the back.

    I'm trying to think what my friends with two have... I think one has a Nissan Qashqai (big boot) and then there are quite a few with a Seat Altea or VW Golf, that sort of thing.

  • I love my touran! We went for the 7 seater as we want another child but even with the two we have now, there is loads of room and a massive boot. Even if we wree sticking with two it’s perfect :)

  • I should’ve said the last two seats are in the back so when they folded you get the big boot.

  • We have a Honda CRV. It is very spacious, and my kids can easily enter/exit without assisting them.

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